Join Us

If you are a graduate student or post-doc at the University of Washington, and you would like to join our FOSEP members list, please email leaders at . You’ll then receive infrequent emails about our events and other events of interest. If you are not a graduate student or postdoc you can keep up to date with all things FOSEP by following this blog!

Active members are students that spend anywhere from one hour a month to 15 hours a week planning and attending FOSEP events. Membership is open to all students and trainees affiliated with the University of Washington, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center or other research and training centers in Seattle, but a majority of members must be students at the UW in order to maintain our status as a student group. Ninety percent of our current members are graduate students, the remaining fraction of our members are postdoctoral fellows and undergraduates. While our members devote a lot of time and energy to FOSEP, they are also devoted to becoming top researchers and educators in their fields.We have about 40 active and nearly 200 total members from over twenty schools and departments across campus within and extending beyond the science departments. FOSEP is an important career development opportunity. Through FOSEP, we develop leadership skills, learn how to organize events, and collaborate with individuals outside of our fields of study at the University of Washington, across the country, and even overseas. About one-third of our current FOSEP membership consists of biomedical researchers in the School of Medicine. One-third of members are scientists in the College of Arts and Sciences and the remaining third are from Psychology, Communications, Philosophy, Engineering, Education, Policy Studies, Forest Resources and Law. Our current non-biomedical scientists are in the departments of Atmospheric Sciences, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Sciences, and Physics. The more diverse our membership is, the stronger our organization will be.


Leaders: Meet monthly to discuss progress of committees and direction of FOSEP. We secure funding, establish and maintain connections with speakers, maintain the website, organize and initiate committees, and do anything else that comes up.

Members: Any student or postdoctoral fellow who is interested in science in society/science policy/science ethics join us in a flexible capacity as their time permits. We consider all members of our fosep_members listserv general members.

Director and committee leader positions last as long as the individual would like to stay on. Committee member positions typically last as long as the planning and executing of a specific event.

Opportunities available to FOSEP general members

Those of us that have been a part of FOSEP for a while have realized that intangible benefits of FOSEP membership include interdisciplinary education and interaction, camaraderie with other citizen scientists, and the sense that our events help both the scientific community and the public. Other tangible opportunities include:

  • Attend FOSEP events – In addition to large FOSEP events, we will invite you to attend small members-only discussion groups, social events, and monthly leaders meetings.
  • Professional development opportunities – We provide many opportunities to develop skills in leadership, communication, management, and more. No matter what direction your professional life may turn, we are sure that these skills will come in handy!
  • Networking opportunities – We invite our members to meet visiting speakers and community and university leaders.
  • Community outreach – We have opportunities for scientists and others to speak with community groups, policy makers, teachers, and students.
  • Assist with FOSEP events – We will look to our members for topic ideas, connections with local and national experts, and help with event-related tasks.
  • Plan special events – We will occasionally ask for volunteers to participate in special project groups that might address a certain issue or plan a special event.
  • Share your knowledge and explore your interests – FOSEP members are encouraged to participate in live and online discussions. We also invite you to lead an informal discussion or invite an expert to lead a FOSEP discussion on a topic of particular interest to you. Finally, we encourage members to create and edit wiki pages.

Responsibilities of general members

None, really! We hope that you will attend FOSEP events, spread the word about FOSEP in your department, and volunteer some of your time or expertise to special projects as you are able.