2011 Events

Michael McPhaden

Communicating the Science of Climate Change


Thursday, April 21st, Seminar @ 3:30 PM, Discussion @ 4:30 PM

Michael McPhaden is the current President of the American Geophysical Union, as well as a Senior Scientist at the NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory and an Affiliate Professor at the UW School of Oceanography. He is also a Fellow at the UW Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean.

Dr. McPhaden will highlight his experiences using science to inform public policy and discuss reactions to climate change from both the public and policy perspectives. He will also address some of the barriers to effective climate change communication.

Seminar: 3:30 PM,Physics / Astronomy Auditorium A114, light refreshments for the Seminar will be served at 3:00 PM in the foyer

Discussion: 4:30 PM, PAA A214, the discussion is limited to graduate students and postdoctoral associates, pizza will be served

Want to help FOSEP with this event? Print out fliers to post in your building and around campus!





Brian Baird

What Feynman, Kuhn and Popper Could Teach Congress and Vice-Versa


Tuesday, March 1st, FOSEP Seminar @ 3:30 PM, FOSEP Discussion @ 4:30 PM

The Hon. Brian Baird, Ph.D. is a recent six term member of Congress, a social scientist, and a licensed psychologist. In the United States House of Representatives, Baird focused on science and technology, energy, health care, oceans, foreign policy, fiscal discipline and Congressional integrity. Prior to his service in Congress, Baird worked as a Ph.D. psychologist in clinical and academic settings. His clinical work spanned twenty three years, with specialization in brain injury rehabilitation and medical settings. Baird also taught at the university and community college levels, and wrote a best-selling textbook now in it’s Sixth edition. From his research training, Baird brings a strong science methodology and statistical knowledge with a focus on applied, real-world problems. Baird joins FOSEP to discuss the ways in which science is incorporated at the congressional level, and the challenges of science policies in congress.

Download the 191 MB mp4 video.
Download the 48 MB mp3 audio.





Deborah Illman

Science Communication


Thursday, January 27th, FOSEP Discussion

Deborah Illman Ph.D. is founding editor of Northwest Science & Technology and former Associate Editor of Chemical & Engineering News, the official news publication of the American Chemical Society. Her recent
research and teaching activities at the University of Washington have focused on science communication and media coverage of science and technology.

Discussants started with an example exercise to explore ways of writing engaging and accurate science news. Professor Illman then led a discussion about the ways in which scientists and journalist communicate information including the ways in which each community could benefit from the other. She also discussed preliminary findings of her current research on mental modeling and how it might apply to better science news writing.


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