Our Hosts

The Graduate School

School of Arts and Sciences, University of Washington

Provides consultation, mentorship, administrative support, and some funding.

Our Advisors

Kelly Fryer-Edwards, Department of Medical History and Ethics

Malcom Parks, Department of Communication

Previous Sponsors

  • The Graduate School
  • The Office of Research
  • The Molecular and Cellular Biology Interdisciplinary Graduate Program
  • The Cellular and Molecular Biology Training Program
  • The Department of Atmospheric Sciences
  • The Department of Biochemistry
  • The Department of Bioengineering
  • The Department of Bioethics and Humanities
  • The College of Forest Resources

FOSEP Thanks

  • Dean Gerald Baldasty – The Graduate School
  • Dianne Zimmer – The Graduate School
  • Garry Ferris – The Graduate School
  • Anne Bannerman – The Graduate School
  • Jerry Pangilinan – The Graduate School
  • Terry Rustan – College of the Environment
  • Terry Duffy – Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • Thomas Ackerman – Joint Institute for the Study of Atmosphere and Ocean
  • Reitha Weeks – Northwest Association for Biomedical Research
  • Chris Mooney – science writer
  • Tom Paulson – science writer
  • Lauren Russell – Pacific Science Center
  • Dr. Dahlia Sokolov – US House staff
  • Laura Wisland – Union of Concerned Scientists
  • Chris Carney – Union of Concerned Scientists
  • Dr. Liz Neeley – COMPASS


Your contribution will support FOSEP’s grassroots efforts to increase dialogue among scholars, the public, and policymakers.Your donation is tax-deductible.We will acknowledge you as a FOSEP supporter on our website and in our annual report, and publish your logo on promotional materials for donation-supported FOSEP events.

Please email us at fosep at if you would prefer to remain anonymous.


Forum On Science Ethics And Policy

To support the Forum on Science, Ethics, and Policy: A non-advocacy, multidisciplinary initiative of graduate students and postdoctoral students to promote dialogue about the role of science in society. Funds will be used for FOSEP events and organizational development.

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Praise for FOSEP

 I very much enjoyed my visit with you (FOSEP) at the University of Washington and certainly want to encourage such initiatives on other campuses.

Neal Lane former President of the NSF and science advisor to President Bill Clinton

Thanks so much to all of you for arranging such a fine visit for me to the UW. It’s also great to see that you, and so many of your colleagues, are committed to the “broader impacts” that your work can have for society… It’s wonderful to see that you are putting a great deal of “quality time” into your efforts. And great to see that the UW is supporting you to do it.

Robert Eisenstein Director of The Santa Fe Alliance for Science, former NSF leader

FOSEP serves as an innovative model for regional collaborations around science communication.

Dr. Matthew Nisbet, American College

VERY impressive. We are all in your debt for this wonderful program. With funding tighter than ever, it is especially important that you have financed your miracles with pennies.

Alan Weiner Chair of the Department of Biochemistry, UW

It has been a pleasure to support your efforts in the past. I think you are doing a fabulous job with your program.

Scott Davis, Professor and Chair Department of Epidemiology

We were hosted by a great and extremely well organized graduate student organization at the University of Washington: FOSEP, or, the Forum On Science, Ethics, and Policy.

Chris Mooney Science Journalist and Author of Unscientific America

I really support the work of FOSEP and think you put on great programs!

Reitha S. Weeks, Ph.D., Resident Scientist and Program Manager Northwest Association for Biomedical Research

You always do such a professional job on your annual report, as well as on all your events. Impressive. Again, congratulations on the all the great work you do, and the style in which you do it.

Terry Rustan Associate Director for the Program on the Environment, UW

There is more to life than pipetting, and the NIH budget will never bounce back unless we learn how to reach the public… science looks very different to the lay public than it does to us on the front lines. FOSEP is an incredibly worthy cause, and the department is grateful for your efforts.

Alan Weiner Chair of the Department of Biochemistry, UW