Advocacy Statement

FOSEP is not affiliated with, nor does it support, particular political, religious, or other affiliations. We do not support specific viewpoints, pieces of legislation, policies, or political candidates.The views of FOSEP’s speakers do not represent the views of FOSEP or its sponsors, nor can individual members’ views be assumed as FOSEP’s views. FOSEP is committed to promoting multidisciplinary interaction among scholars, policymakers, and the public about issues in science ethics and policy in a balanced manner.

We strive for balance on topics, points of view, and speakers. We believe that balanced can be achieved in a number of different ways:

  • A single speaker can present multiple perspectives on a topic
  • Multiple speakers at a single event can convey multiple viewpoints
  • Different speakers can convey opposing viewpoints on a particular topic at different event

We have used, and will continue to use, a combination of these approaches to spark thoughtful conversations on variety of topics in science ethics and policy.

We welcome suggestions and questions about our events and organization. Please contact us. If you are a student or post-doc at the UW, we hope you will consider joining us.