Graduate student Happy Hour @ the Burke & the 1000 words challenge!


Complete flyer: FOSEP_1000_word_challenge_2014

Where: Burke Museum
When: Friday March 21st 5:00-8:30pm (6-7pm for the 1000 Word Challenge)

Hello Graduate & Professional students!

Join us for a packed  and fun-filled  1000 Words Contest and End of the Quarter Happy Hour at the Burke Museum of Natural History. We had close to 200 people last year!  Come enjoy food and drink, celebrate the end of the quarter, and enjoy networking with your peers from all over the university.The Challenge takes place March 21 at the Burke Museum. Grand prize is a $100 gift card for the University Bookstore.  Test your blurb to make sure it before you enter online by noon March 20th.

Brought to you by The Burke Museum and FOSEP (Forum on Science Ethics and Policy).

Judging Criteria

  • Language – Does the entry convey the work of the grad student  in a clear and concise manner, using the 1000 words in an economical and grammatically correct fashion?
  • Style – Does the entry go beyond clear word choice to incorporate humor, prose, rhythm or other elements of style to good effect.
  • Presentation – Does the candidate present their entry effectively?   Considerations are enunciation, volume, posture, and dress.

This year’s Judges are.

  • Jessica Robles, a scholar in Communication Studies who spends much of her time teaching, reading, writing, and thinking about what, how, and why people talk the way they do in everyday life.
  • David B. Williams, a former national park ranger, outdoor instructor, museum educator, and the author of The Seattle Street-Smart Naturalist: Field Notes from the City, Stories in Stone: Travels Through Urban Geology, and Cairns: Messengers in Stone.
  • Alaina Smith, Director of External Affairs for the Burke Museum.

5 thoughts on “Graduate student Happy Hour @ the Burke & the 1000 words challenge!

  1. Kristin

    Besides limiting to words on the list, is there a maximum or recommended word count? Or a time limit to read this aloud?

  2. crterai Post author

    There’s no maximum word count to the challenge. To give you a sense of length though, most submissions from last year’s challenge were less than 150 words.


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