Greetings from the 2014 AAAS meeting in Chicago!

It’s been an exciting several days with lots of talks, seminars, and advice, and looking toward the future for science and technology. This year’s theme is Meeting Global Challenges: Discovery and Innovation. The meeting kicked off Wednesday morning, but it really got going on Thursday morning with day-long seminars investigating the challenges of communicating with the public, in the form of communicating with journalists, social media, and public events. Later that night there was a presentation by Story Collider and one about love in honor of Valentine’s day.

Rather than belabor every single story that was covered at the meeting, I’ll point you to several news outlets that covered the entire meeting, with more detailed stories to come on the sessions that I attended.

AAAS Eureka Alert
Science Update
Science News
And if you’re a tweeter, the meeting used the hashtag #aaasmtg

My only regret is that I couldn’t be in 4 places at once!!! I had to pick and choose what I attended, but I’m leaving this meeting inspired by excellent conversations and new and innovative ideas!

Corey S.


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