FOSEP 1000 Word Challenge!!!!

Graduate Student/PostDoc Happy Hour and

FOSEP 1000 Word Challenge 

Friday, March 15th 5:30-8pm (1000 Word Challenge – 6-7pm), Burke Museum

Can you describe your research using only the 1000 most commonly used words in the English Language? Can you do it better than your lab partner?  Enter the 1000 Word Challenge, based on the Up Goer Five XKCD comic, and find out! Grand prize is a $100 gift card for the UW Bookstore! Click here for the 1000 word text editor that will help you with this task.

There is happy hour involved?! How do I take advantage of this amazing offer?

First, preregister here and fill out:

·        your name

·        your department

·        A short description of how you normally describe your research (Example: I do research on the Subduction Zone off the coast of Washington State in order to discover and classify microorganisms drawn to the extreme environmental conditions created by the collision Jan De Fuca and North American plate.)

·        A short description of your research using only the 1000 most commonly used words (Example: I look under the water where big mountains hit and rub each other to see if there are small animals and plants of interest.  It is very hot there, and there is not the usual food to eat, so there are other than the usual things there.  I find new little animals and plants, name them, and put them in lists.)

Then, come to the event on March 15, eat, drink, and recite your entry to a room of your peers.

Three judges will evaluate your submission and prizes will be awarded for most concise, most creative and best overall.  You must be present to win.

Note: You are not allowed to enclose words in single quotes or use surnames as suggested in the hints section of the text editor.

Graduate Student Happy Hour starts at 5:30 and runs till 8 PM

$1 suggested donation

Snacks, Beer and Wine are complimentary

As well as the 1000 Word Competition you can

·        Tour the exhibit Plastics Unwrapped and make a Plastic Sea Creature

·        Get a peek at lizard and amphibian research

·        Learn about the New Young Naturalists Society

·        Mix and mingle with other people celebrating the last day of the winter quarter.


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