FOSEP discussion today on research ethics

FOSEP is co-hosting a discussion group today (Wednesday, 11/30) with Biological Futures in a Globalized World at 4pm in UW Communications room 202.


As scientific knowledge advances, so does our ability to affect change in the world.  What obligations do scientists and engineers have to see that these changes are made responsibly, and to protect the public from threats that might arise from scientific innovation?  How can we create a culture within the scientific community where these ethical questions are given their due?

Dr. Roger Brent – Director of the Center for Biological Futures (CBF) at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center – will give a short lecture on the state of the biological sciences, the potential of biological threats, and the aims of the CBF.  Dr. Alison Wylie – UW professor of Philosophy and Anthropology and P.I. of the Biological Futures in a Globalized World initiative – will also speak briefly about the initiative’s Research Ethics Project at UW.  An informal discussion will follow.


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