FOSEP partners with the Center for Biological Futures

Yesterday, UW Today highlighted the new UW initiative Biological Futures in a Globalized World. This initiative, hosted by the UW Simpson Center and working in collaboration with Dr. Roger Brent and the Center for Biological Futures at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (FHCRC), strives to bring together scientists and humanists to discuss the ethics surrounding biological futures.  The collaboration hopes to bring ethics training to (e.g.) non-medical scientists through seminars, workshops, classes and colloquia- one of which was held on November 7th in the Simpson Center.* The initiative will focus on ethical training by placing emphasis on “ethical obligations that certain scientists and engineers have … that are specific to the scientific enterprise.”

FOSEP has two events in the works in collaboration with this initiative and the Center for Biological Futures, including a discussion group scheduled for Wednesday, November 30th at the Simpson Center (Communications 202/204) at 4:00pm. Dr. Brent will give a short presentation on the Center, and Dr. Alison Wyile will talk about the Biological Futures in a Globalized World Ethic Research Project, followed by an informal discussion. If you are interested in enhancing your science ethics training, want to hear more about the CBF and its mission and/or would like to learn more about what “biological futures” entails, stop by! All FOSEP members are welcome.

*The third CBF/Simpson Center colloquium will take place on January 9th at the Simpson Center.

To read the entire UW Today article (written by Nancy Wick), click here: “Biological futures initiative aims to bring larger ethical issues into non-medical science”


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