Bard program aims to increase science literacy in the general population

Many in the science field would probably agree that public understanding of the scientific process could be improved.  But how can those in science reach out to the general population?

In January 2011, Bard College launched a program called Citizen Science.  It is an intensive, three-week course offered over the winter break that is now a graduation requirement for all students.  The goal is not to convince everyone to be science majors, but rather to educate them about the scientific process so they can have a better understanding of the world around them and make their own decisions about science news reported in the press.

Could this model be transferred to other universities?  If widespread, could an initiative like this improve overall public knowledge?  In the current environment where we have misunderstanding and suspicion of scientists, I think this program is a great idea.

FOSEP also strives to improve science communication and engagement with the public, so check out one of our events!

More info on the Bard program here:


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