Planning meeting Monday, May 23rd, 5pm Foege N230

Join us Monday, May 23rd (5pm, Foege N230) for a discussion on next year’s FOSEP.

FOSEP’s current leaders have started a list of topics for 2011/2012 including *possible* seminar/discussion/forums on (e.g.) academic industry relations and ethics, citizen science, plagiarism, science communication, STEM education, food policy, open access journals…the list goes on.  But, we’d like to hear from you about your interests, too.

Join us next week to:

* Enjoy free pizza and throw in your 2 cents for the 2011/2012 academic year
* Suggest one or more seminars you would like to see FOSEP bring to campus
* Join a committee to help organize one of next year’s events
* Help coordinate and plan our future events in the years to come

When: Monday, May 23rd @ 5pm
Where: Foege N230 map


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