Toby Smith to speak on The Current Political Climate for Science and Technology Policy

FOSEP is very happy to host Toby Smith.

Tuesday April 27th

10 am

Health Science Building HSB K-wing, room K-069 (that’s on the bottom floor of K-wing down the stairs just southwest of the Rotunda Cafe).

This seminar is sponsored in part by The Cell and Molecular Biology Training Grant.

As Vice President for Policy at the AAU, an organization of 62 leading research universities, Tobin (Toby) Smith has developed and coordinated legislative and executive branch strategies across a wide range of science policy issues. Toby currently oversees and coordinates AAU’s policy activities. He also is responsible for issues relating to innovation, competitiveness and energy and shares responsibility for matters of openness and security, technology commercialization and research costs. Toby has written and spoken widely on science policy issues and is the co-author of a book on national science policy published by the University of Michigan Press titled  Beyond Sputnik – U.S. Science Policy in the 21st Century.

Toby is the perfect person to hear about what’s going on in D.C. recently, including how things have changed with the current congress and presidential administration, the outlook on science funding, and how scientists and universities can play a role in science policy, including the best ways to communicate with policy makers.

Join us for a talk and discussion of these topics and more Tuesday, April 27th, at 10am on the UW campus, in HSB, K-wing, room K-069. For a campus map of HSB K-wing, click here.

Refreshments will be served starting at 9:30am.


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