A glimpse into the Engage seminar

We’re wrapping up our “pilot” season of talks for the Engage: The Science Speaker Series. The other organizers and I are really excited about how much advertising and support we’ve received, articles written about the series and on individual talks, facebook posts, and posts to lots of email lists. Really cool!

So to entice some FOSEP members to spread the word about the class (and even sign up for it themselves when it becomes available), I thought I’d post some ideas that we’ll be working into the fall seminar.

(Just so we’re all on the same page: Those who take the seminar will create an engaging 30 minute talk about their own research with their own visualizations and analogies. The talks will be showcased next winter-spring in the next Engage: The Science Speaker Series. Each talk ends (as they currently do) with an open ended sesson for questions. This part is where we seem to engage the most with the audience.

We’ll also be taping the talks to post online and for the seminar students to have for their own professional development purposes!)

Ira Glass on Storytelling

And RadioLab on how they spruce up research: Making the Hippo Dance


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