USA Today: White House Neglecting Bioterrorism

A disturbing report from a bipartisan congressional panel has found that the White House is not sufficiently addressing the threat of bioterrorism, USA Today reports.

The report praises the Obama Administration’s efforts to reduce the likelihood of nuclear terrorism, but warns that it is not doing enough to prevent bioterrorism– which the panel considered to be more immediate and urgent.

This report is disturbing for multiple reasons. If the US government is not prepared for a bioterrorist attack, is it truly prepared for a “natural” attack? What if H1N1 becomes extremely dangerous (a la the Spanish Flu of 1918)? If the US government is not prepared to handle a man-caused disaster, is it even possible to be prepared for a nature-caused disaster?

Additionally, acts of bioterrorism have already occurred in the United States, the most recent of which being the infamous “anthrax letters” of Sept 2001. In light of this, one would hope that the US government would take this threat more seriously.

How should the government address the issue of bioterrorism?